This has been such a wonderful year for The Constant Muse.  With the help and support of Creative Artistry/Amber Larsen and fellow jewelry artist Diane Raymond (the other half of the Constant Muse management team), my dream of the Constant Muse Jewelry Arts Studio became a reality in February 2011 and it has been an amazing year.  I'm so grateful to have met so many wonderful, talented and enthusiastic artists who have graced the studio with their presence and have truly enriched my life.  Teaching is definitely a two way street, and I  have received as much as I have given, no doubt. 

I also definitely have to recognize my friends and fellow jewelry artists, each with their own areas of expertise and amazing talents, who also teach at the Constant Muse studio; Diane Raymond, Leanne Emery and Monica Sargeant.  I'm in awe of what they do.  

Now  a new year is beginning, and the studio has expanded and is being "facelifted" as I write this.  As soon as it's finished, pictures will be posted for sure!    Amber teases me that soon I'll put up a cot  because I love being there so much.  I have to admit, the place has lots of good energy! 

The Metalsmithing class winter schedule is now online, and plans are in the works for new classes in beading/bead weaving, metal clay and more to be added very soon so stay tuned! 

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